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Magical Malta

Deep blue sea

There are many place in the world worth visiting, there are plenty of cultures worth get know, Malta sounds more than worth it. It's a Mediterranean cocktail , that can't be missed, it's like no other place on this planet, fulfilled with history, remarkable monuments of past and human genius. Maltese islands are splendid, where cliffs might scare you off, caves that hides everywhere might intrigue you and thrilling diving options might encourage you!

Malta has a remarkable intensity, people in here seem certainly reserved, but once you show them a smile, a true one, they will immediately warm up and welcome you unconditionally. Anything you need, a touristic help , a tip, suggestions, they will give you a cheerful and very true answer. You will be amazed by many Roman Catholic churches around small villages and towns, although there is a great mix of cultures, you will hear it. Listening to their language, that sounds Arabic from the beginning, but once listened more carefully, some words of Italian, English and French will pop up, that's gained over generations.

Maltas has a bright history behind, the islands are mythic, well known for the megaliths, Calypso's Cave and medieval dungeons, the streets are narrow and extremely cute, baroque style churches everywhere, medieval towers and so on, the islands are simply open air museums.

You will feel the great influence of both, Sicily and Africa, Malta lies just in between, the archipelago consist of three islands, Malta, Comino and Gozo. Most impressive prehistoric sites are located in Malta and Gozo, gigantic temples dangerously set on the top of the cliffs, underground necropolis that are 5000 years old, it's a lifetime experience, it's simply must. Once you face the high cliffs and still feel the the past, you will suddenly become still, the feeling will stay in you long after you have left this beautiful land. You will so much enjoy the walled cities at today's peaceful times, fairytale hills and myriad tunnels, overall, the deep blue sea.

Apart the great weather and beautiful nature, Malta has delicious cuisine to spoil you with, the cuisine secrets are borrowed and improved by Sicily and North Africa, the food is rustic and delicious. A glass of wine comes with every meal served, as in Italy, dish of fresh olives fallows, locals cheese from the sheep and Maltese sausage,. that's for the classic Maltese starters. Bread and olives, these are the main secret ingredients for the great cuisine!

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