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Rich and busy port city

Vieux Port of Marseille

The whole world might be amazed about Paris, but the real capital of culture of the country is Marseille, many great cities rise and fall, but Marseille is definitely the greatest one that just rises. It started as a port city with cutting edge creative spaces in it, growing into home to a National Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations , located right in the city center's heart. Marseille not so long ago had no idea what it would turn into within years, and nobody really rushed the process, the great ones just grow into even greatest ones eventually.

The glass and steel buildings standing next to centuries old buildings, giving the city even bigger charm, it's all about art in here, it's literally bubbling over with a history. Back in 600 BC Greek mariners found this trading post called Massilia, now known as Marseille's Vieux Port, the city stayed as a free port, being the last Western centre of Greek learning before it fell into ruins in 10th of century. Marseille then became a part of France, growing into the country's second largest city. Nowadays the tiny city has become one of Europe's most important ports, with impressive expansion projects and have no sign of being a little port city, it's huge now.

Standing still in the shadow of Paris, Marseille is now known for its stunning Mediterranean coastline with some amazing major harbours, being almost number one in France for its history, attractions and beauty. You can see the city's character and the difference compare to other cities in France immediately, plenty of gorgeous sandy beaches, lining up and waiting their turn to be discovered. Marseille is not all about golden beaches and museums, you will enjoy the street markets and busy bazaars, put your slippers on, the simplest T shirt and go around the port to see some stunning vistas and boats. It's full of energy, you will find yourself drinking a glass of fresh chardonnay and staring at the port, watching the boats coming in and leaving, the feeling of energy flowing in and out, speechless.

Great cuisine, art, nightlife, beaches, boats, shops and cultural celebrations all over the port city, don't rush it, enjoy it bit by bit, it has it all, let the city guide you and see where your boat might head into with the mistral wind blows. Marseille.

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