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Exotic Bangkok

Never ending Thai-ness

Bangkok, seems the same old same old Thailand's experience, but somehow it's so refreshing and alive, that collides the excotic with the laid back and familliar. It's hot spot of Southeast Asia, a place where you can finally enjoy the crowds but forget the traffic jam, thanks to the city's modern skytrain system. Also called a City of Angels, where you will play the part of the angels, so easy and relaxing that you will almost get used to it. For those ones looking for the nightlife and crazy entertainment, well, there is a great part of that one, anything you like, Bangkok will provide for you!

This city literally bursts with exciting monuments and vibrant events, it could be a business trip of pleasure one, in both cases, you will be more than surprised and satisfied. Funky markets everywhere, unique heritage, old temples and some exotic scenes in daily life, such as taking a speedboat or river taxi, could be a local fun.

Looking back in Bangkok's past, the city was a tiny trading post during the 15th Century, which later became and grew into the site of two capital cities. during the 19th Century, Bangkok was still at the heart of Siam, which is how Thailand used to be known, the capital grew rapidly and soon became a significant part of the whole country, being the main leader in country's politics, economy and education.

You will love the smiles , the kindness that Bangkok citizens radiate, you will adore the food in here, and so many other aspects that are so much diverse that we are used to. The language barriers is nothing, compare to people's kindness and welcoming smiles, there are words needed. You will be amazed by the golden temples and 200 year old houses that are still there making the city more charming and unique. While you sip a delicious cocktail or eat exquisite noodles, look up, see the skyscrapers, while enjoying the laid back atmosphere that goes forwards to the future, yet holding back to endless and never ending Thai-ness.

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