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Wildest Mediterranean fantasy

Croatia, the edge of Empires

Every single one of us has this perfect Mediterranean fantasy, balmy days, turquoise water, ancient towns and a world away feeling to totally enjoy your vacation. Croatia seems like a dream come true to your fantasy, a land that still has the charm of lost empires and the taste of something laid back and extremely ancient. Croatia is located between Central Europe and beautiful Balkans, it has been ruled by republics, kingdoms and empires for centuries, there are tons of cultural legacy from each of them left behind, still be touched, felt and seen.

Once you get here, you will be confused, finding your feet between Roman columns, Slavic churches and Viennese mansions, a modern Europe mixed with ancient Mediterranean. To fully enjoy your Croatian experience and feel the real side of their culture, you should've find a way to cross the line between tourists and guest. If you would know someone from there, they would show you the real croatian culture from all aspects, Your experience would start with enormous amount of food, excellent, home cooked food, all you will here as a guest,Jedi! That means Eat, that's a big part of their culture. A country that has been blessed with top ingredients from both, land and the sea, will definitely know how to spoil the visitors with exquisite food.

Great Croatian wines and golden olive oils, these are the top secrets to delicious meals all day long. prepare yourself to gain some kilos, that will be worth it. Between countless sips of good wine, don't forget to taste some of the best seafood ever, tasty lobsters and oysters straight from the Adriatic , freshly caught from the local fishermen.

Not to even mention the nature that surrounds the country from inside out, glittering waters, beautiful mountains and breathtaking waterfalls, it's indescribable wonderland that need to be discovered and captured with each ones proper eyes. The Dinaric Alps that stretches from Italy , amazing coast and some of the most amazing underground caverns, Croatia is definitely spoiled by mother nature, there is no proof needed for that.

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