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The best city in the world

New York, always ahead

New York, the land of promises and dreams come true, where everything seems better, sweeter and brighter. Yes, indeed, it's one of the world's greatest cities, one of the most requested and desired, having the largest population in the United States, well known for the diversity of its neighborhoods and very colourful residents. New York doesn't have thousands of years of history, but one is for sure, in the past 400 years the city has been changing and growing extremely rapidly. It's home to the world's greatest artists, actors, major financial and economic centers are in NY and also millions of tourists annually.

New York conjures a million different cultures, cuisines and entertainment, the variety of everything will surprise you, it's like you are in a mini world, with Europe, Oceania and Asia, everything and everyone is there, just look for it. NY city is the epicenter of the arts, day and night, you will find millions of things to do and to see, art exhibitions, the weirdest collections and strangest museums, the dining scene is amazing, as the city is in constant move, New Yorkers know, you have to change all the time, there is no time out.

You can actually feel the pressure in the city, it s all about who you know, who you might get know and where that person might bring you... it's about new opportunities and New Yorkers know that there might be a huge one just around the corner. Every party, every diner has a reason and a goal, you just have to attend and see what happens. New restaurants and bars are opening one after another, the best will survive, so the citizens do the best they possibly can , to keep this place alive, to attract more people possible.

The city of Big Apple, have a bite, it's wildly diverse and opens you a brand new parade of cuisines from all over the world, find little Italy, India, China town, classic American cuisine or Caribbean if you like. After visiting NY , you will have a feeling, that you have been around the world...

The best part starts, once the sun sinks slowly beyond the luminous skyscrapers , when New York transforms, but not ready to fall in a sleep, it changes only, some kind of peace steps into the grand stage, the pressure is finally off and you see the true colours of this magnificent beauty. It's a time when venues are fulfilled with the greatest dancers and musicians, actors and comedians. Every single thought of yours, even just a fantasy about anything, possible or impossible, is probably happening in New York city right now!

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