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Architectural icons of France

Paris, luxurious and elegant

Paris, the city of the light, founded more than 2000 years ago, carrying around its fabulousness and uniqueness like a golden medal around the world. Name Paris is a synonymous with everything that's French, expensive, luxurious and elegant. It's a city with a great and beautiful capitals plan, with great architecture, streets, luxurious boulevards and unique cathedrals, numerous important and world famous monuments. You will enjoy every minute in this incredible city, even sidewalks will seem special, everything about the city, chic cafes and great shopping districts. elegant and exquisite cuisine is what makes Paris one of number one in the world,people from all over the world come to France to become The best master chefs, willing to learn the centuries old secrets of the great cuisine.

They say, that love comes through stomach, maybe that's why this city is famous for having a special aura of romance and mystery, mentioned throughout the novels and movies, the great writer Oscar Wilde once said : when good Americans die, they go to Paris. Once you get to Paris, you will see, men dressed in suit and tie , carrying baguette in their pockets, that's the lunch, how cute is that? The city burst from cosy neighborhood bistros and fancy cafes where women are exchanging with the latest gossip, laughs and secrets.

A nation that loves food, it's still a mystery how they stay so fit...with all those temples of gastronomy, scattered all over the city. All you will see, will be delicious patisseries, bakeries, fromageries, shops fulfilled with all kind of cheeses and amazing street markets, which are very handy for local picnics, You don't have to own lots of money to be able to live Parisian life, simply get to the local market, get the goods and head to one of city's amazingly parks, the air is one, whether you sit in the park next to the Eiffel tower or in a fancy rooftop overlooking Paris.

Parisians have another reputation, stylist icons, they know exactly how and when to dress up, it's a hotspot of the world when it comes to fashion, the latest designer clothes are sitting in Paris fanciest shop vitrines, the designer boutiques are located in Paris, and the most starving fashionistas are shopping in Paris. Not to mention the stunning haute couture houses, department stores and exquisite vintage shops and flea markets, when it comes to convenient shopping, it's time to leave Paris, there's nothing about cheaper in here, throw the money!

When it comes to art, Paris is also number one to visit, the world's most famous museum Louvre keeps all its treasures in here, masterpieces of world's greatest such as Manet, Renoir, Rodin, Picasso and Van Gogh are gloriously located in here. Paris have inspired those great artists, they have loved the city, so there is something about it that drives everyone cuckoo.

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