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City in a Garden

Singapore, Infinitive experience

Singapore, that's a city we can say, has it all! For some could be too sterile and clean , for some, the best city in the world, for some a city in the Garden, and for many , it's a hot list destination. Singapore is unique, extremely clean and green, it's like an unexpected wonderland, everything is natural in here and pure. Catching city buses, it's like riding a private car, clean and sharp, visiting the skyscrapers of Singapore, from very modern life it takes just few minutes ride and you will be facing ancient rainforests and muddy wetlands, with banana trees...

Singapore is all unusual and you won't escape the oh's and ah's, on every corner there is something to wonder about. Singapore for a long time have been Asia's geek that has finally find itself in the most marvelous way, it has become one of Asia's and world's top destinations. Don't expect something simple and cheap though, Singapore is all about billion dollar gardens and sci-fi architecture, let's call it Asia's Abu dhabi. The world wide famous Skyscraper Infinity Pool, it's a rooftop pleasure dome with 150 meter infinity pool, located on the 57th floor. You won't believe, it's real, nobody does, once you leave it, you are still shaking from the emotions, a lifetime experience. It's in the extravagant and massive hotel, which owns its own museum, casino , shopping malls and restaurants, it's a real wonderland.

It's not that much about money, as it's about the unique idea, building a pool overlooking Singapore's tallest buildings, financial district, Marina Bay and city itself, the pictures will look unreal. Everyone who have ever swam in that pool, says, once you hit the pool's edge, it feels like you're about to fall off the top of the world, must be great emotions to live through.

That's not all that Singapore has to offer, there is so much more, it's a place of constant contrast, you will see smoky temples , lying on the shadow of fancy luxe condos, laid back shop houses, forest on the back and Chinatown next to it. It's a pleasant chaos, but you have to dig deeper, don't stop at the sterile cliches, look for more, and find yourself in a marvelous Singapore. Food is simply exquisite, do not miss it, try all, mouthwatering feast of flavours, that's an experience you must live. Singapore's cuisine is a result of centuries of cultural exchange, mixed with traditional and modern!

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