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Finest city of America

San Diego, amazing Coastline

United States of America, a huge continent, with plenty resources and stunning cities to discover, but there is just one, that The Finest City, San Diego, honest as hell and super confidence. Simple but luxury at the same time, when citizens of this city welcome you , remember, they really mean it. People in here seem relaxed and content with life, tanned and smiley, it's huge and international, in fact, it’s the nation's eighth largest city, but the funny thing is, there is another that would be so laid back, showing of its charm on every corner of San Diego's daily life.

No matter, whether your are here for relaxing holiday weekend or willing to soak up the arts, or maybe in a desperate need to dance your holidays away in great night clubs, San Diego will take care of you fully. Whether you are here with friend or entire family, fun promised for anyone. Plenty of downtown attractions, beautiful beaches and PArks, zoo and never ending beauty everywhere you go. There is nothing that stops or beats this magnificent city, San Diego has it all, 70 miles of golden coastline, world class attractions, great weather, you will immediately feel the vibe of its own fabulousness.

Many have no idea that the birthplace of California is San Diego, back in 1769 Junipero Serra extended it to Northern California. San Diego has created a very strong community across the country, it's a perfect blend of nature, happy people and a great pride for its citizens.

I guess the coastline is what make the city and citizens itself so relaxed and happy, golden beaches one after another, sunny climate and natural beauty. You will be able to try any kind of watersports , feeling the soft touch of sand...all the beaches and settlements are scattered around the Mission Bay Park, Ocean Beach, South Mission Beach, Mission Beach, North Pacific Beach, Pacific Beach, Children's Pool, La Jolla Cove, La Jolla Shores, Blacks. These are just few, we are not even counting the seasonal ones, all protected by good looking lifeguards, in total nine permanent lifeguard stations, so go have fun in the water and stay safe, you are being protected.

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