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Finland, deep north

Endless lights of summer

Get yourself a very different vacation, in a deep nord, with neverending summer light, forests and fairytale alike lakes, endless cutting edge urbanity. But don't get it wrong, don't think you are going in the middle of nowhere, in a woods emptiness, Finland is the new chic destination, to enjoy the real feel of nord, the frozen magic. The country is located by the Baltic Sea, fulfilled with music and art scenes, island charm and great citizens, looking a little cold from the beginning, as the country, but once you get know them, you will discover some of the best humans to trust. Not always the smile is the sign of warmness, it takes a lot more than just that.

Somi have the best hiking options in Europe, also canoeing and kayaking, you will nowhere else experience so perfect and untouched piece of nature, amazing, keep capture those views in your memory, because your camera won't be strong enough to capture it. National parks and deep forests, wild animals wandering around, so be aware, ask local tourist office, whether the place is safe for humans, otherwise be ready to bump into bears and elks.

There are two beautiful experience you can get i Finland, the winter one and the summer one. The winter will bring you the real Christmas feel, with Lapland and snow hushed forests, enjoy the real white powder power, but also be prepared for very low temperatures. The snow blunked will paint the land in white, the lakes will be frozen by thick ice, get a team of husky dogs to give you a wild ride, still not enough? check in the ice hotel, with ice beds, ice bar, ice vodka shots and go fishing in the ice, dig your own hole and try your own fortune in fishing. Winter i here is all about outdoors activities, some of the best ski resorts.

The summer one I prefer so much better, midnight daytime and saunas, overlooking lakes and deep forests. Eat fresh berries straight from the forest, mushrooms and potatoes, be a nature child, you will love it in here. It's clean and fresh, so laid back , that you will almost feel that you have been travelling in a time machine. Somi are trying to get and even suck up every single bit of the golden drop from the sky, the summer doesn't last for long in here, and the temperatures don't go crazy. It's the best time for the locals, when outside bars are open with beer terraces, when music festivals can take a place every single weekend, when they can finally have lazy days next to the lake, swimming and shopping in the local mouth-watering market . Enjoy the good cheer of optimism in Finland!

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