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Auckland, city of volcanoes

Wild side of New Zealand

Only few places on this planet have kept their beauty as it was, and the human beings are just the same loving hearts they were back then...a country that has a lot of space, good people and one of the rarest natural beauties, New Zealand. You will experience the splendors of the natural realm and man made enticements. Only 4.5 million people living in this pretty big territory, in between mountains, lakes, fjords and wild beaches, it will bring you back to life, a tranquil paradise, waiting to be discovered, loved and lived.

New Zealand can be easily discovered by car, forget the traffic, you even might find yourself as the only driver on some road, popping into some wild animals walking on the road side. The buses and trains run in a time, there no sign of rubbers, forget about the frustrations on the road, for the first time, driving is relaxing and even fun. You stop wherever you feel like you want to, enjoy the beauty and the moment! The Big Easy!

The food and drinks in here are simply amazing, new-world culinary oceans, seafood will leave you speechless, some of the best Maori masterpieces. Also the wine and beer are exquisite, even more, the cool climate of this country and humans love, have helped to achieve many wine-award trophies for decades now, beer and coffee is not far behind from the success, it's a place to be!

Auckland is NZ's pride and pearl, being the largest and the most populous city in the country, a city of volcanoes, fulfilled with the lava flows and green, beautiful suburbs. It's also considered as country's most multicultural cities, with a huge Asian community living side by side with Polynesians. Auckland is a coastal city, so the most attractions are outdoors, you will love it, it makes the city one of the most desirable destinations in the world. Getaway to the north shore or beautiful eastern beaches, enjoy the wild untouched nature.

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