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Solar system of Mexico

Child of Latin America

Heading somewhere sunny? Well, this country geographically belongs to North America but with its whole heart and soul is try Latin America's child...Mexico, considered as the most populous Spanish speaking country in the world. It might not be the perfectly steril, over planed country in the world, but it has its heart right in the place, and the most beautiful thing about it , its citizens.

It will hit you straight away, you will experience the most diverse crew of people ever, from crazy hipsters, villagers to fancy uptown people. All of them , whether poor or rich, there is no middle class, will have two things in common, love of color and a big smile, no matter what they do or what they carry in they hearts. As every latin , they have a thing for fiestas, so positive spirits will be very much appreciated, do not come along grumpy, you will get hard times to resist their smiles and positive attitude.

Mexico can not be proud of their government and political situation, but they are more proud about their Mexico, one of a kind homeland, that offers modern capitals and laid back villages, spoiled but nature, from smoking jungles where you can play Mowgli, just be careful of the real animals, that actually might hurt you, to snowcapped volcanoes and of course golden beaches. This incredible land is blessed with 10.000 km of coast, accompanied by wildlife rich lagoons and sandy beaches, just breath it all in, spend as much time you can outdoors, the climate is just perfect for that. Caribbean reefs will take care of you, mountains will surprise you and check your ability of high risks, and dolphins and whales will make sure, your camera has some god damn good shoots.

Oh, forget about the rumors of not being safe in this country, it's bollocks, each country has its own demons and gangster quarters, so just be safe a late in the nights, take a tips from the locals. Mexico literally bursts from history and culture, waiting to be explored, the most beautiful archaeological monuments, towering pyramids and decorated Maya temples, Spanish era has left some markable signs, ancient stone mansions and churches. If you have too much arty stuff during the day, there are plenty entertainment out there during the night as well, from laid back salsa clubs to heavy disco places, you choose which is you!

And the food, oh well, Mexican is a spicy dish, but you can get it light, they eat a variety of spicy foods, many meals are served with beloved tortillas, which is a flatbread made from cornmeal, they could filled with beans, cheese or meat , or all together. The food is heavy and pretty fattening, but there are also many mexicans keeping it organic and healthy, but then again, who can say no to few words, the Mexican culinary scene is exploding, the locals are distancing themselves from the drug war and the cultural renaissance is flourishing, come and see it yourself.

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