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Seoul, dynamic mash-up

Economic powerhouse and universe of teas

Dig in into 5000 years of history and incredible culture, South Korea, with morning calm only, with the third largest powerhouse of Asia's economy based in Seoul, also a city that never sleeps. So the only calm there is, you will see very early in the morning, this population have been set on Can Do mood all the time, they are tough and know exactly how to work hard, not forgetting to enjoy life too, so parties hit the capital every weekend! South Korea is a real dream destination, with welcoming and warm people, high tech and respectful for their past and traditions, still living as they did thousands of years ago.

South Korea is the mix of old and modern, tranquillity goes hand by hand with chaos, great mountains surrounds this beauty, enclosing it with forested national parks. Sail through the magnificent islands, fulfilled with fisher villages and farms, where you will enjoy some of the best seafood ever! Buddhist temples are everywhere, monks and incredible human peace, no traffic, you will only hear rhythmic pre-dawn chants just like a lullaby that calls peace and tranquility, with Asia's least known but one of the most delicious cuisines.

Let's talk Seoul, it's a 24 hours city, impressive and majestic, you will get confused with the skyscrapers and pulsing neon all around the city, but iones you will get used to it,you will finally see the real light of this pulsing heart. All kind of entertainment in here, you wont miss a thing, culture and design, beautiful 21st century urban ideal parks, the city is spotless, with several contemporary architectural marvels scattered all over.

Whatever you like, the metropolis Seoul will provide it for you, temples to visit early in the morning, escaping the crowds, marvelous tea houses to relax and forget the world outside, tent bars with some of the best snacks to take a break, night markets to steal your sleep, galleries, exhibitions, monuments, anything really! Jjimjil bang , is a name for sauna and spa, so little relax won't hurt anyone, don't forget to check the watch every now and then, the time flies here, and you what they say why time flies, you are having the time of your life, in here, in Seoul, South Korea! There is no such a thing as language barriers in South Korea, people in here are more than welcoming to share their culture with tourists!

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