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Royal capital Copenhagen

Scandinavian beauty

BBC has officially announced that the happiest population in the world are Danish people! They are content with their lives, some would say why wouldn't they!? They have it all! But did not all of us started from nothing? They just know how,it might be the fact, that they rarely use cars, Copenhagen for an instance is the bike city, where people pedal, against the rain, sun or snow. It's healthy, easy and cheap! sometimes I wonder how those girls can so peacefully and with a glamour pedal those bicycles. They have their lady hats on, long and short skirts with a breeze playing with their beautiful hair, well, no doubt , they're also a damn good lookin population. Life in here is lived in saddle of a bicycle, everyone has one, at least one!

It's very organized and clean, it's also called the coolest kid on the Nord, it's wiser than Oslo and definitely much more edgier than Stockholm, Copenhagen will open the doors of Scandinavian beauty. The scenery of bars and cozy cafes will make your head spin, with chic design and fashion, the culinary is paradisal in here, and you don't have to wonder how they stay so slim, the bicycle. This royal capital will show you how good and fair life should be lived, you work well, give just enough of yourself, you rest well and balance your party mood, respect the nature and others around you! Copenhagen has a great history behind it, nine centuries under scelte belt, craft studios cafes with candles everywhere, in one word , it's just cosy and warm.

Denmark has a bright history to tell, even if it's a tiny country with only 5.6 million people calling it home, it's fascinating and beautiful. Besides, with some The biggest things in Europe to see, such as the Blue Planet, which is Europe's largest and the most modern aquarium, with 20.000 fish and other aquatic animals living in it. You will see sharks, sea lions, crocodiles and barracudas to freak you out and make pressure run!

The rest of the time you can enjoy the stunning downtown, it's small enough to enjoy to experience it by foot, effective though. The city is one of the oldest capitals of Europe, with a exclusive royal touch, in fact the monarchy in Denmark is the oldest in the world. You will be surrounded by art museums, castles and palaces, beautiful parks and attractions for family. Tivoli gardens will take your breath away, which is more than 100 years old amusement park and of course the world wide famous Little Mermaid, which has been sitting on that rock for about 100 years, 102 now to be specific.

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