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Chic Manhattan

Many crown of New York city

Once you visit USA, you won't be able to get enough of it, not to even mention getting everywhere and see's like never ending place to discover, a totally diverse continent, a dreamland for many. It's enormous and diverse, a birthplace for some of the world's most famous cities , such as NY, Las Vegas and Los Angeles...America is an astonishing collection of natural wonders, great beaches, mountains and simple plains covering the continent. Not to even mention the great cities, each of them has gained its fames for a reason, brimming metropolis with million of different culture and uniqueness.

In America there is no such a thing , as the best city, but one of the brightest is definitely New York, located on the Eastern Atlantic coast of the united states, it consist of five boroughs, separated by waterways from each other, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan. Manhattan is place where volleyball was born, and its beach has gone very chic, music of surf, trained bodies and trendy restaurants and hotels, in here time stops, it seems like the locals have no other duties, just to surf and going with the flow.

Manhattan as all the country has a great passion for food, so american cuisine will be another way to enjoy the ream United States of America. After a great surf and other outdoor activities, you will be invited to enjoy thick barbecue ribs and smoked meat, in many restaurants, very talented chefs will cook you the best meal you have ever tasted, the products are coming directly from the farms. The best bagels with fried eggs or pancakes for breakfast , fresh lobster for lunch and oysters for starters, that's the life in here...

Manhattan will surprise you, it's world class museums, fine dining and unforgettable monuments and views, a place that never stops, there are always bunch of things to do and to see. With some the Best awards such as the planet's biggest department store, Macy's Herald Square, which will seem like a unique universe itself. It's million square feet of space, with nine floors, anything you want and things you couldn't even imagine!

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