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Hostels in Great Britain won

all-night drink bids

You, who travel to UK, might soon see the big changes in nearly 100 youth hostels which have won 24-hour alcohol licences, in spite of widespread local protests.
"Residents in many parts of the country already face problems with anti-social behaviour, late-night noise, vandalism and violence because of booze culture"said Alan Grant from National Organisation of Residents Associations.

93 from 118 hostels have been granted with the round-the-clock drinking licence.

Actually they renewed existing licences and so it was cost-effective for all sites because they were "purely practical" and insisted it did not allow all-night alcohol sales.

The YHA's Paul Fearne said "We have no intention of holding all-night raves."

And although Mr Fearne denied this move is transfering hostels into 24-hour party venues-or into Ibiza,
"It is a lot less exciting than that," he said,
the travellers are still very happy.And will welcome this news with a big party.

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