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Manila in Philippines

Pearl of the Orient

Looking to go somewhere paradisal? Well, check the weather charts and pray that the rain season doesn't come, your paradise will be ruined then. Philippines. It's diverse than the whole mainland of Southeast Asia, so much different, starting already with the spirit and culture. Spanish rule for almost 400 years have left remarkable footprints, Catholicism. Also the cultural celebrations are nothing like in the rest of the continent, countless fiestas and very unique Spanish-Filipino atmosphere and traditions. The most fascinating fact about this country is , that no matter how many outside influences it has been taking, it remains very much its own unique entity.

The people are golden in here, the welcoming smiles and positive attitude of life, that just love to sing karaoke, in every bar you will have a time of your like, the most simplest things makes this country and citizens golden. Philippines has more than 7000 tropical islands, only one third of all have names, so you could easily play the "only citizen" card on one of them. You will be amazed by its nature, Philippines has neverending and spectacular rice fields, huge metropolis and giant volcanoes and over all happy-go-lucky people.

The capital is Manila with 11,4 Mi inhabitants, that makes it a true Asian megacity, that has been through almost every kind of disaster, the human and nature's. Called the Pearl of the Orient, after all, Manila is a chaotic capital with every kind of entertainment in it, skyscrapers and shantytowns, neverending traffic jams and the best dining options ever! Manila also has a very diverse and creative soul, you will experience edgy galleries, stunning museums and enjoy some of the best music festivals and scenes. Colourful markets, expensive malls, single origin coffees and some of the coolest nightclubs. It seems like there is nothing, this city can't handle.

To truly experience a new culture, is tasting the food and you will taste it, and you will love it! Period! Just imagine how colorful it is, considering its culture, with more than 7'0000 islands and diverse nations living in it, the cuisine has to be extremely good and it is! It's blessed with an abundance of seafood, tropical fruits and great cooks. Here is Adobo, the main dish, without which no Filippine family could live. This dish has Mexican origin, cooking pork or chicken in vinegar, garlic and soy sauce. The most important thing is that you ask a local where to eat and what to eat, they will guide you to the best possible place there is.

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