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Extraordinary Culture of Colombia

Caribbean coast and Amazon jungle

Colombia's charm? It's laid back , old fashioned and has no care of the rest of the world, still carrying on as they did since the Spanish left! It's beautiful and wild, fulfilled with natura Amazon jungles, treasures such as Caribbean coast and colonial communities, allure of South America. There is a colonial charm that you won't find anywhere else, the country is literally bogged down in different century, cinematic cobblestoned towns and some of the most honest and welcoming citizens ever.

Are you willing to be thrown back in 16th century? Well, Villa de Leyva definitely is, this city is frozen in time, extremely beautiful, with cobblestone roads and whitewashed buildings. It's a part of the Colombian National Network Of Heritage Towns, it was once a hidden gem, that has been awaken by wealthy travelers, slowly but impressively discovered to the world. You will be spoiled by traditional and at the same time very modern hotels, cafes and restaurants with fine dining options, the best are family hosterias though. By the way, the soap opera Zorro was filmed in this tiny town, that also brought a lot of publicity to the place, which was very needed.

Only three hours away there is the charmer capital Bogota, it's the true beating heart of the country, the cobbled historic downtown is La Candelaria. The colonial buildings have more than 300 years, still whispering the secrets of the past, museums,churches mixed up with restaurants and chic hotels, which are just the topping on this delicious cake. Very Must is the Cerro de Monserrate, which is the symbol of city's pride, a white church topped 3152 m Monserrate peak, from the top you will have a magnificent view over the capital.

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