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Paris, the art of food

The best cuisine

There is no other country that we could compare to France, chic, stylish and extremely charming. Whatever you are heading in this country, it will be outstanding and unique, Paris for fashion, Monte Carlo for natural and human beauty and the valleys for great wine and countryside...Spring is the most beautiful season in here, Paris is a charmer only spelling its name, it has a timeless familiarity, you will immediately recognize the major architectural icons and the most famous monuments.

And the cuisine, not even to mention, from croissants to some of the best dining options of all times. Paris in general is a priceless treasure, anything from quartiers that each seems like a cozy village with its own identity and its own evolving character, to beautiful bars and coffee shops, that against the time haven't changed a bit.

You will have to leave the stereotypies at home, about the Parisians as snobs who wouldn't speak English...head there with your best attitude there is, and you might find your very own Paris with some of the nicest people crossing your way. The architecture at the other hand is simply iconic, the Eiffel Tower seems to be overrated, but just look at it, you won't be able to keep yourself away from taking a picture with it behind you, it's so classic, so Must, just let it be! The Arc de Triomphe that guards Paris, is considered to be the most glamourous avenue of all. The Dame cathedral, beautiful bridges, art nouveau cafes and never ending spirit of Paris will give you some of the best holidays of your life!

The food and wine is so French, so glorious and delicious, just think , that the word cuisine itself comes from French, kitchen, so you can just imagine why is this country number one outstandingly in the world! Its cuisine has been popular for centuries, the best recipes and pastry shop miracles with their secrets come from some French grandma's deepest cuisine's cookbooks!

The Triple-Michelin-starred temple to gastronomy, that's a quality plus the presentation of their quality... every gastronomic wonder has its own name, pastries in boulangeries, the best selection of cheeses in fromageries and of course the best baguettes...Paris has many food markets, so pick up the best there is and have a stunning picnic in one of the city's wonderful parks...if your stay in Paris gets longer, frequent one of the best cook schools, with excellent professional chefs that will teach you a tiny bit of many French cuisine secrets...

There are thousands of ways to enjoy France, Paris, there are also many different ways to fall in love with this charmer, just accept the fact that it's a little bit chaotic, take it as a part of the city's charm, and there is nothing that will stop you from loving it! Bon voyage!

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