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Unique appeal and tropical chic

Gili islands and Kuta

Here it comes, the place , where you will totally forget about the world you come from, the problems, worries and home, everything will be far away, welcome to the paradise Bali. It's not a place, it's a tropical state of mind, spiritual and extremely beautiful. It's one island, but it includes so many diverse and stunning destinations and adventures, a lifetime experience, that you will never forget.

Prepare your bikini, slippers and sunhat, Kuta with its pleasure and chaos is waitin, wild beaches of Nusa Lembongan and the heart of Bali, Ubud will be all there to please you. Ubud is the spiritual and cultural center of the whole island, fulfilled with ancient temples, mountains, volcanoes, monuments and stunning rice fields.

Surfers and divers will go crazy, many diverse resorts are located in here, spoiling any kind of visitor, Bali is the true essence and the smiley Balinese are the key to the heaven, they are positive, kind and welcoming. Over years, Bali is the Top destination in the whole world, named also the island of the gods, it's more than beautiful, everything is affordable, villas, hotels, resorts. This place is unique , full of very vibrant and alive culture, the weather just spoils it even more. It's clean, safe and easy, you can find anything your heart desires, spectacular views, total relax and the food, it just keeps coming and getting better.

If you get tired of the busy Bali, head to Lombok, which is a huge undiscovered island, just next door, enjoy the freedom and the sense of "no one is watching" . You will experience some of the untrodden idyllic beaches, discover the volcanoes around,the magical waterfalls and dazzling lake. Gili island is like God's ear, it's legendary, with coconut palms and white sand beach, surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. It consist of three tiny desert islands, overwatching turquoise sea, it's the vision of real paradise, that proofs that heaven exists. You will fall in love with Gilis immediately, the popularity has been an explosion, many resorts and hotels are popping up rapidly here.

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