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Natural beauty of Tunisi

Ever-enchanting sands

Tunisia is still a very exotic place somewhere in between Libya and Algeria, in North Africa, it might be tiny, but the country carries historical and cultural baggage that would be enough to cover twice its size of country. It's fulfilled with natural beauty that comes along with the balmy Mediterranean coast. True, that most of Tunisia's beauty is hidden under sand and sea, but there are still so much to see after you have taken in all the beauty of turquoise waters and blue skie.

Tourism is one of the biggest income of the country,almost 7 millions tourists annually, even if the locals are very surprised of the huge attention from the outside world, yet very honored. I suggest you to get out from the hotel and search for the few millions out there, there must be so much more to see than just hotel's pool.

One of the favorites is the capital, to soak up all the culture and monuments, Tunis, which is one of the most interesting cities in the whole country. Tunis carries both, two opposite characters of Tunisia, the Western and Eastern, making a perfect mixtures of one unit character. You will get lost in the tiny medina streets, in between people everywhere, selling, buying and bargaining, all kind of goods, from food to textiles. Afterwards you can reward yourself in one of the coffee shops, tasting the the great foods of the country.

There is a one special and very famous street for locals, medina's maze, which is magically contrasted by the straight lines of the Ville Nouvelle. Ave Habib Bourguiba, which is a wide with trees lined street, with cozy cafes and restaurants, beautiful sidewalks and the best attractions. But if you are looking to find out the real treasures of Tunis, you will have to head a little outside of the town. Worth visiting is the amazing museum Bardo and the mysterious ruins of the ancient Carthage, where you will enjoy the most fascinating architecture and archeological sites of the country.

No matter what type of person are you, who are you with , here are areas for all, shy couples willing to enjoy romantic walks, loud families or active youngsters who would totally enjoy the stunning Mediterranean suburb of Sidi Bou Saidfor, which is more fine in the nights, but there are also thousands of things to do and to see during the day!

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