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Sleeping Beauty of France

Vineyards of Bordeaux

There are so many places in France, totally worth visiting, to soak in the real French atmosphere, which one to start with is your choice. Well, La Belle au Bois Dormant would be a perfect place to start your France experience, the Sleeping Beauty Bordeaux. Probably this name sounds familiar for you, maybe because of the exquisite wine, yes indeed, this marvellous place is located in the south western France, with an enormous grape plantations, this business has been here since the 8th Century. Bordeaux has become the world's major wine industry capital.

The bordeaux wine will just make your stay more pleasant, the local wine with a world-wide fame, including the First Growths of Chateau Lafite-Rothschild, Chateau Margaux, Chateau Latour and so many others, a real paradise for wine lovers.

Who roused the Sleeping beauty? The former Prime Minister Alain Juppe, who was wise enough to see the town's beauty and potential, he restored and saved its great buildings and architecture's masterpieces, built the pedestrianising and made the whole new public transport system. You will be speechless, seeing the shopping area or the grandly-scaled avenues and elegant buildings of Bordeaux. In 2007 the half of the entire Bordeaux city was listed by Unesco World Heritage Site, and the his effort has finally paid off.

Bordeaux has a University, so many young students from all over the world, make this town more alive and vibrant, it's fulfilled with countless cafes and gardens to sit in, museums and art exhibitions...there will be many other things in here to do than just raising your glasses filled with the best wine. You will also notice the English flair, which is the result of city being ruled by English for a long time.

It's one of the most relaxed cities, there won't be people wondering about your political or religious beliefs, of your sexual orientation or the color of your skin, it's easy and multicultural, and yes, extremely beautiful. You will fall in love with the wine at the first place, then you will see the diverse music scenes and the artistic city itself. As every city, also Bordeaux has the competition of its own goin on, and its pretty hot subject, discussing the beauty of Paris and Bordeaux, which is referred as Little Paris, which seems not fair...visit and discover it!

By the way, the city doesn't seem to be asleep anymore!

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