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The best of Peru

Majesty and beauty

Looking for adventure? Well, here, Peru, huge sand dune, Pacific breaks and right there, the busy and stunning capital Cusco! Lima is a perfect destination for active lifestyle loving people, biking, trekking in the Amazon, watch incredible sunset or sunrise over the beautiful scenery, don't rush in this place, it's worth to take a moment and enjoy!

Cusco is a marvellous place just few heartbeats away from the capital Lima and all the main attractions in this country. also called Cuzco, fulfilled with Inca temples and cobblestone streets that are walked by women dressed in traditional clothes, that way making you feel like in a time machine. Cusco is also South america's oldest continuously inhabited city and the city of Inca Empire with all its archaeological proofs.

You will be charged with enormous dose of hospitality and great food, they are famous for chili and corn, stews and Amazonian chocolate, its cuisine is very diverse, thanks to the cultural diversity, that have brought many foreign ingredients and spices, very strong African, Spanish and Asian influence. For Peruvians, there is no such an option as stay hungry, in fact, most of their talk is about food, meals and what to prepare, you will enjoy the local chaotic markets, where you can buy anything!

Lima is the capital of the country, very charming and impressive, with colonial facades that rises high up to the sky, it's the second driest world's capital, with Colombian temples and the natural beauty of Pacific wildness. Lima's civilization dates back millennia, with ancient ruins, museums and galleries fulfilled with edgy art, that mixes perfectly with vibrant and so much alive nightclubs, also the capital of culinary genius, that keeps gastronomy art alive for more than 400 years, totally worth to visit and taste all aspects of this city!

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