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Milan World Expo 2015

Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

Milan might seem cold and even soulless, but once you look closer to this huge industrial powerhouse, you will find a very beating heart in it, beneath the cold cover hides serious sense of history. The most famous monument of Milan is Gothic cathedral, the Duomo, which geographically lies right in the heart of this Imperial Roman capital, perfectly expressing the love and power that also nowadays drives Milan ahead. Now this busy metropolis is busy hosting the Expo 2015 project, so another reason to travel to Milan and enjoy the fashionista of Italy.

The whole project is based on the great Leonardo da Vinci as the Vitruvian man, who is still a symbol of evolution, of growing and of the study of human figure. This way also Milan represents itself to the world as the center of social and economic progress, it's a great opportunity for Milan itself and Italy in general.

The idea of Expo 2015 is to gather together the most prestigious minds in one place, making the whole world wide growing in industry and technology. 1 st of May will be World Expo 2015 , with the greatest scientific and technical innovation concerning food sector, from production to conservation, to distribution.

29 Millions of visitors from all over the world are expected to visit Expo 2015 Milano from the 1st of May until the 31st of October, in total covering 110 hectares northwest of the center of town. It's named "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" . There is exactly one month left until universal exposition, that will make the Milan the center of the attention, with several unique and innovative features.

There will be participating more than 140 countries, each of them will be asked to examine its own position, all rated by the major food and future challenges. So every visitor will be able to travel around 140 different countries, tasting their food and traditions, discovering the diverse flavours from across the globe.

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