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Parisian grace and Asian pace

Hanoi, thrills and chills

Looking for that special place to visit? Somewhere deep in Asia, surrounded by the beauty of mother nature, mostly untouched and stunning? Vietnam will take your breath away, which has become an amazing heritage that soon will become an addiction. You will be amazed on every step you take in this beautiful country, where people are sharp, energetic and incredibly resilient by nature, where coffee tastes really creamy and extremely safe.

Vietnam might have poor quarters and corners, but it's always taken care of and never squalid, the traffic in here is the craziest and most unsafe thing in here, you don't have to be afraid from nothing else. It's astonishingly exotic in everything, the food, the people, the life in here, the beauty of limestone islands, explore the world's most spectacular cave systems in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, or have fun watching pigs across the street along the country lane, its charm is the simpleness in everything. Vietnam has many diverse cultural influences in different parts of country, in the south, Indian and Hindu, cooking a lot with chilli and coconut, in the north Chinese are more visible, so find the country's real heartbeat in the middle.

The food is one of the Must adventures in here, actually anywhere in Vietnam, it has become more popular all around the world, there is so much more than spring rolls and bread rolls. It's considered as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, with main dishes as rice, noodles, fresh vegetable and herb! Vietnamese go crazy for noodles, literally they can eat them pretty much at every hour and with anything, they are made from rice, wheat and mung beans, being extremely delicious.

Can't imagine better capital than Hanoi, with sweeping boulevards and ancient pagodas, it whispers its beautiful history and dramatic past on every corner, be wise enough to discover it. It's a very alive and energetic city, with people who love to laugh, have fun, and yes, drink. It's always on move, it seems that its citizens are determined to make up for lost time from the past.

Walking through the old quarters and chaotic streets, you will see the real face of this city and nation, that eat noodles and great coffee for breakfast. They say that Hanoi has Parisian grace and Asian pace, it's so true, the city carries both, the medieval and the modern!

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