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Passion of Buenos Aires

Fall in love, dream it and never move on

A century away, thousands of Europeans immigrated to Argentina, Buenos Aires, for a search of better life, it was called the Paris of South America, they packed up their families, leaving a lifetime and bunch of memories behind them. They across the Atlantic Ocean and arrived to the land of promised dreams, and they did, the city was a hot spot of wealth and incredible growth, in 1908 new and stunning opera house opened, as a symbol of city's wealth. It was a huge economic boom, through two world wars, even through the economic crisis that took over the whole world.

Buenos Aires name comes from Spanish colonizer who first discovered this land, calling it Our Lady St. Mary of the Good Air (Nuestra Senora Santa Maria del Buen Aire) and its citizens were name people from port, portenos, because of the main ports in Latin America, that citizens arrived with boats from Europe to, which are situated in Buenos Aires. As the city continued to grow, the people living in it became more and more confident, and that's the part where the brutal arrogance started.

They were well known as supremely confident and well dressed, feeling superior than anyone else, the Tango was born in here, the melancholic music that grew out of the fringes of Buenos Aires, but then pt of nowhere, well, the corruption walked in, the arrogance of Argentines fell apart. Literally balconies were dropping down on the streets and the problems start to roll in. Started the cold war, many say, it was fault of the ex president Juan Domingo Peron, who created the most powerful political movement, who attempted to industrialize the nation of Argentina at the cost of agriculture, basically stealing from them.

Many years have passed, but Argentina is still one hell of charmer, the past remains on every step you take in this amazing laid back city, actually some of the neighborhoods are still the same, as if nothing would changed...well, many are rich, still living the golden ages of the past, but some are extremely poor. The life goes on, Argentines keep talking about politics,regretting the mistakes they have made in the past, and think how Buenos Aires would be now, if all of that wouldn't happen. Millions of people every year come to visit beautiful Buenos Aires, to dance tango, enjoy the waterfront, sunrises and sunsets, sipping thick espressos and the national drink first thing in the morning, mate,,,herbal tea without which their life would be impossible. Time heals almost everything, Portenos go on with life, the city itself slowly gets back on its feet.

BA is astonishing metropolis with an enormous touch of Europe and the edginess of South America, the people are very friendly, after you have passed the test, to not being enemy, passionate and busy. There is this special spirit in here, that once you experience, you keep coming back and never stop dreaming about it, it poisons you in unique way.

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