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The top pearl of the Adriatic

Endless shimmer of Dubrovnik

Called "The Pearl of the Adriatic", Dubrovnik is only a small city in south Croatia, but it is becoming one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Europe during the summer. With intact walls around the city and several historic buildings, it is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, and was discovered by celebrities in the 19th century as a vacation oasis, becoming an elite meeting point and one of the main destinations in the country.

It shows stunning architecture, with beautiful churches, monasteries, fountains, museums, all full of details and elegance. Even though it was heavily bombed during the Croatian War of Independence, most of the city was rebuilt and restored, and you can visit landmarks and monuments in the Old Town as they were in the past.

The most impressive gate to enter the walled city is the Pile Gate, always busy with tourists, but quite interesting, because once you step in, it really seems like you are going back in time. Once inside, make sure to visit Roland's Column, a stone flag of the legendary Frank knight; the Bell Tower with the Zelenci on the top, bronze statues that strike the bell every hour; the Sponza Palace, a gothic palace which hosts historic archives and memorial rooms.

The main street is called Placa Stradun, where the old town comes to life, the shopping centre of Dubrovnik and where major events take place. In the Big Onofrio's Fountain, close to the Pile Gate, the youngs gather to spend some time together, just like the tourists gather to refresh from the heat and sun.

Let's not forget about the beaches! The main stars of the city are well cared and very beautiful, with trees to provide shade and nice restaurants around. Lapad Beach is the most beautiful, a sandy, relaxed and energetic place, ideal to swim and sunbath.

A typical European summer spot, with refreshing winds and lovely architecture, Dubrovnik will conquer your heart if you give it a chance!

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