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Grand bazaar of Istanbul

The best shopping experience

Couple of hours flight away, with one foot in Asia, with another, here in Europe, so close, but so far away at the same time, Turkey is a step in another world, it's a step back in time and forwards. This land is richly historical, with great monuments, churches and food, and of course, the great Istanbul, amazing scenery from mountains to beaches. Turkey has been criss crossed by St Paul and the famous Julius Caesar who came, saw and conquered, and still, so many come to this country to have a bite from this unique breathing masterpiece, created by gods and nature.

Once you get in here, the people seem suspicious, but once you show them a bit of friendliness, they immediately open up, proud of their heritage and great history, letting you have a look into and discover it. Anything you do in Turkey, is like a tour of it's great past, whether it's eating kebab or visiting and soaking up the ancient atmosphere. Enjoy this incredible experience on the crossroads of Asia and Europe, you will leave ten times richer.

Istanbul used to be a capital of three great and very successful empires, Ottoman, Roman and Byzantine, the city perfectly accompanies both, keeping its great past alive and looks forward into a modern future. You will definitely enjoy every single step of harmony and rhythm of diversity, turquoise blue waters and colourful bazaar.

The food is simply heaven, it's delicious and the locals are friendly, giving you the best and the warmest service ever, there are no such a thing as tourist trap, they take drinking and eating seriously in here, you will see some of the country's best in Istanbul. The choice of food is wide, from edgy fusions to Asian and Italian masterpieces.

You will see the never ending light spirit that lives in Istanbul, people love life and do their best to keep their spirits up, they work hard taking the job seriously, but they also know the taste of enjoying stuff. Melting traditions and tea gardens,Turkish taverns and kebab places, in few words, it's an extraordinary place with a huge baggage of culture and history, just be ready to catch it. Sit down in one of the bars, and enjoy the most beautiful sunset over the amazing skyline.

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