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How to fall in love with Porto

Remarkable renaissance

Portugal, ghost of the past or Europe's pearl, well known for its medieval castles and fairy tale villages, somehow it has managed through time to continue to become an idyllic place on earth, clean, beautiful and heart opening. Portugal has it all, golden beaches, history, amazing scenery, busy towns and of course, a good , very good food. Its mix of cultures from the past, are visible on every corner, Romans, Celts, Moors and Christians who have left a huge mark in Iberian nation, that reflect in daily life, architecture, culture and cuisine.

It's not a place to get to, see and leave, it's deep, 20.000 year old stone carvings into delicate forms, offering you the best sunsets over mysterious Evora, trapped inside the 14th century walls. Visit Tomar, which is one of the most beautiful little towns of Portugal, with amazing fairy tale parks, frequented by swans and herons, accompanied with Seven Hills National Forest.

Portugal is much more than breathtaking views, it's event calendar is full every month there is some festival to attend or food scene to fairs and world music festival! Porto is incredibly romantic and the second largest city in country, fulfilled with colorful medieval relics and extravagant baroque churches, beautifully illuminated by the sun, take a step back and enjoy the view of staircases zigzagging to nowhere!

You might wake up very early in the morning disturbed by fishermen's laugh or man's shout selling fresh baked bread, that's the real charm of Porto. It's a mix of modern and old, Roman ruins wrapped into 20th century's townhouses, rich suburbs by the sea, colored fishermen's boats and bunch of tourists in the middle of everything.

The cuisine is incredible, leave your diets home, come and enjoy the real food, cooked and kept by the best Portuguese traditions, bread, olives and cheese accompanied with a glass or two of exquisite local wine.

You have to spoil yourself with the best chargrilled fish ever, seafood stew and different smoked meats, the secret of their great cuisine, is to keep it simple, simple ingredients plus magic hands, amazing result. Have a meal outside, enjoying the bountiful coastline, overlooking scenic vineyards and velvety ports, sip of a tasty wine and you have almost reached the heaven! Portugal!

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