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Top of the romance, Paris

French art de vivre

France is one of the must destinations, right now is the perfect time to visit it, while mild winter is fighting with hot spring sun and magnificent blossom. This country seduces millions of travellers every year,80 million visitors a year to be specific, no matter what season, no matter what events are there, there is no such a thing as, bad time to visit France. It could be spontaneous trip, romantic adventure or friendly and cozy getaway, millions of reasons to visit this incredible country with its unfalteringly familiar culture!

Food is one of the main reasons we love it, from delicious croissants in the morning, to baguette for lunch dinner or anytime of the day, and yes, unforgettable dining scene with some of the best masterpieces of French cuisine. It's so much more than just well, it's a wholecultural experience, it's about trying, tasting things that seems not going well together, it will be an endless culinary trip. so after this adventure, do not mind to gain few more pounds, about French women, I have no idea how they stay so skinny, surrounded by delicious bistros and pastry shops, and actually eating it all.

Once you have passed the delicious steps, let's move to the outstanding museum and world class art's scene, you will be spoiled by Roman temples, iconic landmarks and an amazing architecture, that will whisper their history out loud. La France profonde just gets under your skin, immediately you wanna live like they do, visit what they visit, eat and drink how them...that intimacy just takes you over. You will be transformed and amazed about the rituals and particular, I would say even unique culture. Art of living, that's how France has been described for centuries now, ravishing art museums in Lyon, Paris, cafe shops, gardens, Alps, it's all about indescribable beauty.

Paris is not just a bubble created by lovers, it's to be discovered by everyone's eyes, in between the epic Eiffel Tower to the petite cafes spreaded around the city, from stunning vistas to fashion, it's so much deeper than just a pretty look. France's profundity will amaze long after you have left it, you will compare it to the others you have seen, but the thing is , there is no other like France.

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