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Australia, it seems that it has been there forever, but in reality the Mister James Cook discovered this island only back in 1775 ... so it's has become the sixth largest country in the world, also the smallest continent in the world,with a beautiful and very diverse natural scenery, from mountains to deserts, beaches and forests, a very multicultural melting pot country. It seems that everything is perfectly and fairly divided in here, Sydney is full of fancy beaches and glamorous bars and restaurants, opera house and other beautiful and classy stuff to enjoy, Melbourne helds all the art gallery and culture, Adelaide is famous for pub lovers and noisy festivals, Brisbane it's a subtropical town and then there is Perth, the best city in the world, boomtown, to chill out, Darwin is the place, so take a look, choose which is yours...

Considering Australia's area, it has a relatively small population, the country governs the entire continent and its islands, it's the flattest continent on Earth, and also the driest inhabited continent on earth. The country has culturally very diverse society, with the first inhabitants arriving to this land 50.000 years ago, settlers from all over the planet, so you won't feel a foreign in here.

As many of you think, that Sydney is the capital of Australia, well, here are the news for you, it's not, Canberra is. Strange, but it's a fact that the whole political power is situated in here, while other cities do the cultural's almost impossible to visit and discover it without any wheels, two or four, inhabited mostly by politics and students, once the holidays arrive, the city is pretty empty. The dining choice is also limited but good.

Australia is blessed with beautiful animals, some of the can be found only in this country, actually that's one of many reasons why people visit Australia. Some are specially beloved, such as koala, kangaroo, echidna, wallaby and dingo...if you happen to visit the country towns, you might bump into those ones.

What about food? Well, be careful, eating healthy and well in Australia is pretty expensive but totally worth it, don't sit on junk food. Never mind the locals eating fried rice, curry sauces and Mediterranean dishes, those are a result of multicultural country, those dishes don't belong to traditional Australian cuisine. Salt and pepper calamari, Emu, Lamb leg roast and fish and chips. The lamingtons is considered to be the National Australian cake, named after Australia's favorite icons, square-shaped sponge cake is coated in a layer of chocolate icing and desiccated coconut, delicious.

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