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Cairo, the Mother of the World

Endlessly fascinating beauty

The river Nile is the main energy source of Egypt, there wouldn't be any electricity, food or great views, Nile still exerts a uniquely powerful role in this country, they say, without Nile, it would be a fertile land...Human kindness in this country is the main goal, welcoming and honest, not to mention, that Egypt is the safest land on the earth. You could be wandering the streets during the night after the party and there wouldn't be anyone attacking you, two reasons for that, it's a city that never sleeps, and even if there would be a freak stalking you, the strangers would immediately come to help you, with nothing in exchange, that's how honest and safe Egypt is.

In spite of religious, political and financial troubles, Egyptians are one of the most relaxed people on earth, they are proud of who they are, leaving the judgment and comments home, they are peacefully living their lives, welcoming visitors to their land. Cairo is one of the most visited cities in the region, its crowds make other metropolis look more like a ghost's stunning, outstanding and unique, love it and it will love you back.

Called the Mother of the World, Cairo is fulfilled with papyrus sellers and 22 million inhabitants lifting this city's spirits up every second with their charms and great humour. You will feel the glorious past of Egypt casting long shadows over the present, sand covered tombs and towering temples will take your breath away and throw you right back in the past, you will only miss the citizens dressed in gold...go through the Valley of the Kings or to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, or simply get one of many Nile's boats that will offer you the best views and bring you to the magical Dendara, Edfu which is one of the waterside temples. Get a donkey ride, and who knows where this lovely animal will bring you, let it go all the daily problem, relax in beautiful land that begs to be discovered.

Once you get more to the west bank of the Nile, you will find Giza, showing off its beautiful Pyramids, located right on the edge of the desert. Giza is a place where you can stand still for hours, trying to capture every angle trying to memorize it, from here you will bypass Cairo entirely...The Red sea beach is one to not miss in this country, a teeming coral reef offshore, incredibly beautiful and peaceful, along the Red Sea you will have an amazing desert beauty scene,above the waterline. After a great night out, do not miss the stunning sunrise, between the shapes of White Desert and the hot spring, Egypt will remain in your mind as an endlessly fascinating beauty.

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