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Myriad adventures of Indonesia

Cool and glitzy Jakarta

Arriving to Indonesia, leave your mind somewhere home, come clean and clear, and take in Indonesia as much as possible, it's a marvelous ever-intoxicating and ever-intriguing land, waiting to be discovered and lived! Don't be too closed minded and get wild, get a scooter or jump in the train, driving with an open window, and trek through the wilderness that's around of the infinite Indonesia! Consisting of 17.000 or 20.000, they are still confused about the number, islands, each offering a diverse adventure and scenery, it's a dream come true, paradise on earth or any other heavenly word won't be enough to describe the beauty of Indonesia.

You can check out the territory of scattered islands from the air, see about 100 volcanos that are marching next each other, some are ready to blow at any time, so be ready for that, white sand beaches, azure waters and jungle hills, that's all just a little view into the true beauty of Indonesia. Once you get tired and dizzy from the nature's wonders, relax at one of the restaurants , have a delicious meal and enjoy the Balinese dancers. The Kecak Dance is not just the most popular but also one of the most dramatic of all Balinese dances, it's a mix of dance and drama.

Jakarta is place to visit, once you done with the oh's and ah's, and you are finally back to normal, start to relax, one of the world's greatest megalopolises, Jakarta is the bright future of Indonesia. It's a dynamic city, full of surprises, you never know what kind of challenge is waiting you around the corner. I'm not talking about the crime, to be frank, Jakarta is one of the safest places on the earth, yet the crime levels are very low.

I'm talking about the positive and smiley attitude in everything from the citizens, about city's many coloured faces, from gridlocked streets to some of the best dining places, from Chinatown to the wildest nightlife in North Jakarta. The city is literally bursting of unexpected surprises, you might just bump into some famous leaders or artists of Indonesia's, or you can easily make friends, who won't be asking you something in exchange.

For those ones willing to enjoy a bit of culture and art, well, there are many museums and exhibitions to attend, some of the best in the old city Kota, with a very interesting look into the capital's long history. Shopping malls and restaurants, to fully slip into Indonesian daily life, to truly feel the relaxing energy taking over you.

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