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Cultural juggernaut of Canada

Montreal, a slice of old Europe

Canada is the world's second biggest country, but it doesn't stop in there, plenty other stuff is here to enjoy, gorgeous natural looks, the best snowboarding options and extraordinary cuisine, cool people and wild adventure...mountains that touch the sky, remote beaches and beautifully wild rainforests, all this beauty is spread across 6 times zones, you will definitely see moose, whales and polar bears, it's an extraordinary country. If you are looking for a peace, you will find it in Canada, it's so huge, that you might find yourself driving for hours and see no one...

Culturally, Canada is very diverse, you will find people living in here and calling this country their home, from all over the world, you could bump into a Canadian, Irish community living in here, British and also French...or get to the Asian market, tasting the best noodles in the country in the middle of the night, attend a wild party in Cape Breton Island or just hang around in local bars, it's the country with the highest percentage of foreign-born citizens.

Montreal is a pearl, there are only few cities in the world that can compare with this French town, with countless festivals, museums, monuments and outstanding a slice of old Europe's design, it's laid back and extremely charming, the shops and restaurants are as those ones from France past, that you won't be able to find ...not even in France. Somehow it has managed to stay as it was, back in 15 century Jacques Cartier, who sailed from France, discovered it. in 17th century the French moved the capital of New France to Montreal.

It gained even more migrants from France, but there was a bitter war between French and British, while their minority dominated the business world and held positions the highest positions, the French majority felt themselves to be victims of discrimination. In fact, you will experience the monuments and the museums reminding of the cold war and complicated past and lost battles...the architectural sweep of the city will also show you the wealth of Montreal, breathtaking churches and Domes...mixed with modern Stade Olympique of 20th century.

The cuisine is simply amazing, blessed with one of the most exciting food scenes in North of America, you can not miss the famous poutine, fries smothered in cheese curds and gravy, best croissants and all this mixed with great English pubs, Jewish food markets and charm of old Paris all over. Montreal is also the country's cultural juggernaut, with more than 250 theaters and more than 90 festivals's the cultural center of all Canada.

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