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Positano bites deep

Southern Italian holiday feel

Italy, Italy, a country that for centuries has been the pearl, and it still is, hot blooded people who show their emotions to the whole world, who complain loudly, live and laugh incredibly often, it might be the sun, the Dolce Vita, or maybe it's the outstanding natural diversity that has settled all over the boot shaped country. Beautiful people, good shoes, the best food ever, never ending sun, aperitivi hour at every hour and amazing nature, that what makes Italy the best holiday destination ever, no doubt.

They say, more head to the South, more dangerous it gets, I would say, more relaxing and beautiful it gets, Positano for instants, of all Amalfi coast, it's the most photogenic town there is, with steeply-stacked houses tumbling down, falling right to the sea, colourful houses and amazing hotels, delicious and stylish restaurants and fashionable boutiques, that's what you get once you arrive to Positano. Located in the most visited region Campania of Italy, and ancient land with thousands of tombs, churches and secrets, you will get a lot of drama and disorientating contrasts.

It's a mixture of joy, sun and also a tragic reminder Mt Vesuvius, that have destroyed dramatically Pompeii and Herculaneum 2000 years ago, totally washing away the broods darkly, making an incredible contrast with the beauty of Amalfi Coast, with outstanding temples and monuments in the middle. Amalfi coast has plenty little towns located near to each other, so once you go to have Campania experience, travel through each of them. Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano and Naples...eache of them have its own characteristic, making it unique...Ischia and Capri islands are half an hour ride, giving you a fancy vacation, Pompeii is just there, Positano is considered a pearl of the Coast.

It's one of the most romantic and luxurious vacations spots ever, peaceful and relaxing, a fishing village that is built vertically on the face of the cliff, it's considered as a very inspirational place, that has become famous with writers and artists since the 1950's. Positano is one fashionable resort that somehow has managed to keep its charm. You will be busy by doing all the stairs that Positano has to offer, it's a pedestrian town with few symbols particularly, such as coloured houses and flowers, making an outstanding panorama overlooking the Amalfi coast. Enjoy the beach, the sun, the food, happy people and relax totally!

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