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Bogota, beating heart of Colombia

Jungle and sun-toasted Caribbean sands

Sick and tired of cold and never ending winter, that seems to have sucked all the energy from everyone? Let's head to South America, enjoying never ending summer there, Colombia for example, that embraces a beautiful memories, history and traditions, it's like a great dish of romance , bad action and drama, all mixed together, making the best tastes ever!

Free your mind and come to Colombia with empty emotions, zero expectations and no opinions, and you will be warmly fulfilled with brand new, unique and pretty impressive emotions of your own. This country's history is extremely interesting and keep in your mind that the first human inhabitants were found in this region of South America, so it's a little bit more than just a overland getaway to Southern paradise.

Colombians are extremely positive people, carefully carrying their past and traditions through nowadays, this is home to three main archeological sites, San Augustin, Tierradentro and Ciudad Perdida. Those have left some impressive art pieces in the main museums of Colombia, such as gold and pottery, revealing a high degree of skills and goldwork...definitely worth to see.

This country hides the wildest natural treasure, Caribbean coast and Amazon jungle, ruins and colonial communities, and overall, an extraordinary culture. It has a fascinating past, that is mentioned in every step of daily life nowadays, they haven't forget about it, it's there, you can smell it, touch it, feel it. One of the continents most mysterious cities,Ciudad Perdida , the second after world wide famous Machu Picchu, hiding centuries old tombs of unknown people, that all together just gain the mystique of Colombia's past.

Most of Colombia's territory is covered in rainforests, sprawling savannas and mountains, its the most biologically diverse countries in the world, for millions of years Colombia was a huge jungle, people have cleared most of the trees and created a farmland all around, nowadays living shoulder to shoulder with wild animals.

The main export of the country, not counting the gold, well, the coffee beans, excellent and unique, Colombians started exporting coffee back in 1835, starting with 2500 bags just to the US, nowadays Colombian coffee has been exported all over the world, in total around 11.000.000 bags leave the country every year, waking up the citizens in NY, Barcelona, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam and other cities...Colombia is a country with contrasts, geographic, climatic, natural and also cultural, with welcoming people, who no matter what, will smile at you, offering the best they have to represent their country, and that’s what matters.

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