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People from the port

Buenos Aires, a place to fall in love

The sexyest capital in the world, Buenos Aires, is a mix of elegance and European atmosphere, keeping pridely its strong identity and the wilderness of South America. Amazing cuisine, energetic nightlife, polite and friendly locals, that's what you're gonna find in Buenos Aires, a cosmopolitan and unique city that is a must to go.

Though it's a huge metropolis, with more than fourteen million inhabitants on the Gran Buenos Aires, the city is cozy and familiar, relaxed and funny. It's a place to fall in love with. Its people are called portenos, what means "people from the port", and the name of the city literally means "good air", a first breath of Argentina for the tourists, starting point to explore the rest of the country.

Every barrio, or neighbourhood in BA has a particular atmosphere, differing between them but blending harmoniously like a salad. In Microcentro, the downtown, you will find the main historical buildings and shops. San Telmo is a barrio with well preserved colonial houses, with good nightlife; in La Boca you'll find a feast for the senses: this is the most colourful neighbourhood of the city, attracting visitors with its vibrant personality. Puerto Madero, the barrio of the port, has a good variety of restaurants and an ecological reserve. Retiro is an expat friendly neighbourhood, with good restaurants, shoppings and amazing parties.

But BA won't be the same without the tango. Watching and dancing tango is on the top of the list of things to do, so don't miss it! Milongas are the places where you can dance, and they are all over the city. They are open on the evening, but for the most experienced ones, at late night. In the milongas you will probably find a local willing to teach you. Fall in love with this dance, have fun, sweat and move: Buenos Aires is amazing!

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