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Philippines, pearl of the Orient

True Asian megacity Manila

Let's get somewhere hot, literally, Philippines, with smoking volcanoes, turquoise waters and emerald rice fields, and of course, incredibly happy go lucky people. If you wonder why this land is so special, well the answer could be the diversity and natural beauty of this island, it's a paradise apart from the mainland of Southeast Asia, also spiritually and culturally very diverse from the Asia, we are used to. Main religion in here is Catholicism, which is the result of long years of Spanish rule, you will feel the Spanish touch everywhere, in fiestas and architecture.

Philippines is way too different, centuries old stone churches, great climate, malls, and great fast food. Despite all the Spanish influences, this land somehow have managed to keep its own unique entity. People in here are simple and extremely positive, also being proud of their lands that has more than 7000 islands, it's literally a beach bum's delight, the choice and characteristics of the beaches and islands is so diverse, that there will be something suitable for everyone.

But it's not all about the beaches and about finding your very own, there are many options of entertainment you can enjoy, from kayaking to kite boarding, or canyoning, Philippines will set you on the right mood, when you will totally relax. Underwater charms will throw you high, surfers will enjoy the high waves, and thinkers will just lay on the beach and sip a cocktail, breathing in the beautiful scenery. This land is also known as the zip line capital of the world, unofficially though.

If you want some real city time, Manila will look after you, the capital, the Pearl of the Orient. If you are resolute enough to pry, Manila is place for you! This city knows well the hardship, it has been through every natural and human disaster it possible could, and still, it's stunning and extremely unique. Manila is a true Asian mega city will skyscrapers, malls, poverty and richness, it's a beautiful chaos in which, if you are lucky to be, you will enjoy being confused and lost, all this chaos somehow keeps this city so alive. The cultural scene is simply outstanding, with edgy galleries, amazing music scene and one of the best Asian cuisine...

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