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Capital of the European Union

Love the beauty of Brussels

Belgium is a small country which is not much visited by tourists as well. Many people consider it like boring place where its nothing to do. Anyway it's a prosperous European state with a medieval architecture of the cities and charming countryside landscapes, romantic castles, stunning beaches and modern spa resorts.

Speaking about attractions of Belgium, we should start from the capital - Brussels, which is also capital of the European Union. It's the "main gate" through which the major tourist destinations are passing by. This magnificent and rich of history city is open for everyone. The best time to visit Brussels is late autumn/April - the days are getting shorter, and the tourist peak has already gone.

The architecture lovers will be amazed by the beauty of maze of narrow medieval Brussels streets, wide boulevards, but the main treasure of the city is Grand Place (the central square (or the old city market)) - one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. It's an architectural marvel of Brabant Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque.

Nearby you can find the world-famous fountain "Manneken Pis" - one of the symbols of Brussels. According to legend, a few centuries ago a boy saved the city from fire in this way. "Mannequin Pis" has a big wardrobe - more than 2000 outfits, stored in the Brussels municipal museum of dresses. Traditionally he is dressed up during the visits of foreign politicians.

The great part of tourism in Brussels take interest tours. Who is crazy about the chocolate, beer, comicses, music etc will find relevant museums here. We all know that Belgian national drink is beer. Nowadays you can find more than 100 brands here and new sorts of beer are created almost every day. But the point is that the Belgian beer is special - the different features that you'll not find in other countries, like apple-, cherry-, candy - flavours beers, moreover - sour-sweet beer etc.

Get ready to try them all! In addition Brussels is a paradise of sweet lovers. Chocolate is considered like a truly Belgian product, in the streets of the city you will find countless amount of the chocolate shops which look like a mini-museums.

The chocolate here is handmade as well. Local confectioners are saying that the chocolate shape, fragrance and stuffing can change, but the basis - no - only real cacao products. After the conviction of the Belgians, it is not only sweet, but also healing product. In addition to chocolate stores here are lots of Fritkots, specializing of the sale potato fri and snack bars with waffles. Anyway you will not leave Brussels hungry.

Bright and colorful capital of Belgium is like a casket with miracles. Surprises and beauties await guests literally at every turn.

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