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Fiji, a vision of nirvana

Soft coral capital of the world

Let's go somewhere warm,sunny, relaxing and totally outstanding! Fiji! All you need to pack are your swimsuit and sunscreen, there is no need for more clothes, it's a paradise on earth, a place to forget of everything and play Robinson Crusoe if needed. The place itself promises a lot, every single beach bum's a vision of nirvana, palms touched by mild breeze, fish-packed reefs and smiling locals, these are the struggle you will experience in here, and you will get a lot more than promised...seeing Fiji in picture is one thing, beautiful, seeing it with your own eyes, stunning and extraordinary, period.

If you are tired of classic vacations, experiencing the city centers and monuments, Fiji will beg you to do one single thing, fall into a sun-induced coma under a palm tree and relax, there's nothing else that exists, just you, just sun touched golden beaches and incredible peace that surrounds you. The underwater scenery is spectacular, you can dive in some of the finest Pacific waters and have a experience of life time. It also has a reputation as soft coral capital of the world, all you will hear, ohs and ahs, surprised and amazed tourists. The locals in here love to surf, the legendary waves of Cloudbreak, be brave enough to take them, enjoy them and take a challenge to fight them.

Apart the beautiful water scenery, there is also exquisite food to enjoy, fresh seafood, spend some time also on mainland..restaurants are limitless in here, with a great choice of diverse culinary delights, what's traditional Fijian cuisine like? It's all about fresh and wonderful ingredients, the cooking methods are passed down the generations, including offen Coconut, fish, rice, taro, sweet potatoes and breadfruit. Totally to try, get your taste buds a whole new experience ride!

Nadi is one of the most popular destination in Fiji, t5hey say, you should come in here twice, once on the way in and once on the way out :) Once you step on this land, you will get a gentle warm wind slap in the face, that’s Nadi's Hi, welcome. Shops, restaurants and cozy cafes continues to spoil tourists in Nadi, I'm not quite sure, whether this place is a tourist junction or business center, or maybe holiday resort, you will find it out yourself.

The jewels of Fiji are definitely Mamanuca and Yasawa islands, where you will experience a great animal scenery, from sharks to sea turtles, tropical fish and other colorful beauty queens of Pacific...those two are pretty isolated though, giving you the needed peace from everything, those volcanic islands are rich of sunshine, stunning coral gardens and will throw you right back in early civilisation.

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