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Tranquility is charm of Malta

City built by gentlemen for gentlemen

Malta will promise the perfect holidays, it's the perfect place like nowhere else, great temples, amazing cliffs and an incredible history of remarkable intensity. People in here makes most of the comfort being warm and extremely welcoming. The country is Roman Catholic, so countless , beautiful churches with towers over diminutive villages are guaranteed. Over many generations, Malti language has taken the beguiling mix of cultures, it sounds a bit Arabic, but it involves many Italian, English and even French words, so you won't be left in a complete dark.

Early in the morning, that's when a daily Maltese life starts, little fishing villages, boats, fresh morning bread delivered on the streets, the whole chaos and cozy mess starts right in here, in the early morning, a little after sunrise. It consist of five beautiful islands, Malta, Gozo, Comino, Comminotto, and Filflawith to the south from Sicily. The rhythm of life in here is still timeless and it manages to retain laid back, like nothing has been changed...for example in Gozo you will still see horses and carts passing by, it's a mixture of everything, red post boxes of English, Roman architecture and blue police lamps of...Gozo is home to one of the world’s most impressive prehistoric site , Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, the 5000-year-old underground necropolis, it has become a living rock, visited by millions every year.

Valletta is the pride and the beautiful capital of Malta, with the charm of 17th and a sparkle of 21st century, designed with new Renzo Piano -designed gateway, elegant ruins and an open air stadium, and the pride of the capital, marvellous opera house. It's also called Malta's Lilliputian capital. It measures 600m by 1000m. It's elegant, because after the 16th and 17th centuries when it was built by the Knight of St John, it's founder said it must be a city built by gentlemen for gentlemen...and it truly is, hosting one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world.

The five island beaches are always near and perfectly formed, you will have breathtaking coves to swim in , with amazing background to look at and diving, that's the crown of this place, experience the WWII bombers and dramatic undersea caves. The food in here,. pretty much everything comes from the sea's bounty, so the best, most fresh and delicious.

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