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Amy’s Blog December 2007

A house with no walls

I visited a lampshade-maker a few weeks ago. After an unusual traffic jam in the city, we arrived 20 minutes later at an off-track dirt road. There were a few residential houses around but the one we were after is made out of wooden stilts and corrugated iron roof. The "house" had two concrete walls on each side (it belongs to the houses beside it) and a piece of cotton cloth as the back wall. The front of the house is made out of chicken wire and turned into a local corner store.

A family of four lives there- mum, dad and two young kids- they must be around 6 to 7 years old. They sleep on a bed with no sheets. The kids seem happy though. The little girl could not stop jumping in front of my camera and pose. The boy, meanwhile, hides behind me to see the little LCD image of his sister.

Pak Yoktan started a map-making business just before the first bomb went off in Kuta in 2002. Business was bad from the start. His wife invested 60 million rupiahs of inheritance money into buying equipment and machinery for the business. The second bomb went off in 2005 and the business died. Now, they have all the right tools to make their products but no business.

WKP staff and I were there to teach them how to price their products properly- making sure that they take into account of all the overheads, including their own wage. Many producers here have little or no education background and often miscalculate their cash flow and profit margin. Hopefully, this will improve with our training workshops.

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