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Singapore in a garden

Bright lights, small city

Singapore has become something huge, not a sterile stopover, not anymore, it's a strong metropolis with billion dollar gardens and heritage shophouses with some of the best coffee you will ever taste. This tiny city is surrounded by dream skyscrapers and colonial barracks, this new and very self confident city is fulfilled with modern hotels, great restaurants and bars. You will ask, what's so special about it, seems boring? Singapore hides a great traditions and history behind these bold new buildings and business centers that leaves smoky temples in the shadow, it's so much deeper, you will never look at it as a boring place.

Singapore used to be an Asian geek, but finally, it has found its groove, and it's fabulous, charming and very confident! It's also called a City in a Garden! Why? Singapore is surrounded by many green gardens, it's a wonderland for all those ones who love nature. It's so diverse, once you get tired of city's chaos, catch a public transport, which by the way is very clean and timetables are just perfect, and within few minutes you will enjoy Singapore's greenest forests with monkeys and drongos. Too extreme? Get a ride with a bumboat and get around the paradise of Singapore's island. Too lazy for that? Stay in the center and visit one of many Singapore's Botanic Gardens, you will be amazed, how wonderful and diverse this city is.

What else to love about Singapore, the food is just awesome, some of the best meals of your life exactly in here, Singaporeans are obsessed with the food, and let me add, good food, you won't find anything, rise and chilli spiked crab and seafood. Their cuisine traditions have grown with influences of Chinese, Malaysian and Indian spices, well, Singapore's region is famous and unique for the Nonya cuisine, still hosting a neverending and ever increasing competence between countless restaurants.

Singapore is a perfect mixture of temples, modern arts, billions worth buildings and malls, shop until you drop! Within few minutes you can be in Chinatown, wet markets of Hong Kong and Little India, visit the district of Geylang, in few words, Singapore has a lot more behind the cliches of boring and ordinary, it's outstanding and definitely extraordinary. Some call Singapore a little red dot, like there is not much, once you arrive, you won't be able to get enough with this little dot...

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