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Eternal city

Cultural and religious heartbeat of Rome

Everyone knows, that Rome is the center of history. religion and somehow is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Consider that 16 percent of all world's cultural treasures are located in Rome. It's the largest and most populated city in Italy, yes, it's total chaos, and sometimes it might be hard to get a public transport to get to the Vatican, and you might of be sent from one office to another to get something, some call it disorganization, some, Roman charm. This nations loves coffee, good food, gossip and whining about politics, you will see many crazy people and even you might get shocked from Italian way of talking, for most of the Europeans, it's shouting.

The Eternal city is not only about the Colosseum, Vatican and arts, it's all the bits together, every street tells a history, every monument and alleyway have something to offer, so you could discover traits of Italian lifestyle and their traditions. The beauty of Rome will guide you through the remains of the Roman empire, that ruled the world for thousands of years, it will bring you back in time, through the Medieval, Renaissance periods up to nowadays, and you will hear how hard is to build something modern in this city, which is willing to keep its uniqueness so don't look for Starbucks, it doesn't fit in here.

You have heard the song, Rome wasn't built in a day, and you will experience that, it has grown through centuries, ruled by different empires,the result is a stunning and outstanding open air museum. Rome has the richest and the most historical treasures of any other city in the world, it has a perfect position, natural beauty and the greatest World's Empire, also being fortunate to have Vatican State in it. You will be surprised how many finest arts have survived from the last two thousand years, able to be be touched and felt...

Being still a very appealing destination in every season, even if you are not into history, it will will throw you in it, and somehow you will be amazed how interesting it is, from legends to true stories, it's more than a huge museum, it's a very diverse and vibrant living city. Once you get tired from crowds and the center, just across the river, and you are in Trastevere, the most artistic and easy going place on earth, great food, aperitivi and extremely friendly people. Once you will survive the shock that appears at first, you will love it, the shouts, crowds, motorini noise and not that welcoming cursing from drivers, Rome will open your heart and you will just breath it all in, enjoy its beauty and let yourself to have a time of your life, Roman holidays.

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