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Paradise surrounded by sounds of samba

Marvelous city Rio de Janeiro

Would love to escape the cold, have you got enough with the winter? Head to the impressive and evergreen Rio de Janeiro. You will be spoiled by modern outlook, sparkling beaches and incredible historic sites. Rio is the second largest city in Brazil ,also, it used to carry the name of capital for nearly two centuries, during's worldwide famous not only for its stunning beaches and carnival. Rio has so much to offer, from music, dance, the football stadium Maracana, museums, beautiful people and of course, the Christ the Redeemer.

All year around, Rio de Janeiro is the tourist top attraction, also for the nature lovers there is plenty of stuff to enjoy, for example rain forests and diverse flora and fauna. They say, Rio is a place where world meets heaven, come and you will feel it on your own skin. Rio is mainly made up of seas, forests and mountains, very spoiled by mother nature, and this specific combination gives it an outstanding beauty, standing next to the largest urban forest in the world, Tijuca.

Surrounded by splendid waters, Rio de Janeiro region is a true pearl,with the Atlantic Ocean to the south, Baia de Guanabara to the east and Baía de Sepetiba to the west. Rio is known as the cidade maravilhosa, marvelous city, cinematic cityscape and urban front line, all together, nothing but exhilarating. White sand spectacular beaches, the sexiest people and the world, great weather and of course delicious cocktails that will leave you dizzy and punch drunk, which is a great company considering all the beauty you will be surrounded by.

As I mentioned before, Rio's carnival is just a little part of its all beauty, but it definitely plays a huge role on its charms. Sounds of samba everywhere, beautiful people moving within the rhythm, leaving you with mouth will immediately fall in love with them and with their passion for dance. Copacabana and Ipanema are the most famous beaches in the world, with open air dance halls and great bars...Rio has been a paradise for centuries, it's nothing lately discovered, that means, it's a true pearl, has always been, and, yes, I guess it always be a place where you can dance the night away...

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