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Enchanting seaside city Barcelona

Limitless possibilities from sunrise to sunset

A marvelous place between mountains and sea, Barcelona has found a harmonious balance , between ancient traditions and a very avant-garde charm. In Spain, this region is the most visited and definitely the best, carrying the history, among the oldest in Europe, Barcelona will entertain you with an easy going atmosphere and great artistic treasure on every step you make. Romanesque churches and some of the greatest names that have left their talent and appearances all over the city, such as Gaudi, Miro, Picasso and many others.

The golden beaches are worth visiting, such as Costa Brava and Costa Dorada. The wild coast Costa Brava, has a uniqueness standing between the sea and the mountain, gaining a worldwide reputation. In the South Costa Dorada, golden beach, can be proud of being truly colorful golden and luminous. These beaches will give your daily jogging or bike ride habits more beautiful, leaving an amazing scenery behind. The deep blue Mediterranean will take your breath away and make you feel as you have touched the heaven.

You don't have to be a history nerd to willing to discover the past of this magnificent place, where you can still and imagine the people in past centuries who walked these same streets, Gothic quarters and the coast. Anyone who comes to Barcelona will admit, that the food is simply delicious, starting with tapas that comes with every served drink and with exquisite and fresh meals, multicourse lunches, dinner, all with very reasonable prices...

Barcelona will spoil you with the good life, where even though the crisis is in Spain, people are still solar and very welcoming, smiling a lot and helping out with any touristic my trouble you might have. And, yes, they are so for parties, 24 / 7 , the night holds limitless possibilities in Barcelona. You might start with the afternoon sip of wine and you might get back with the sunrise, live music all around the city. Rapid rhythms of flamenco and also vintage concerts, anything you like, from old school bars to modern lounge ones, Barcelona is so alive that it's impossible to live it calmly.

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