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Wealth and glamour of French Riviera

Cannes, playground for rich and famous

The playground for rich and famous, Cote d'Azur, one of the most famous and richest places in the world, for over a century , where anyone who was anyone, bought a property in here. Well known for its great cities, Cannes, Nice, Monte Carlo and St Tropez, this region is famous for chic elegance and high living standards, but apart that, it's stunning.

The Cannes is not well known only for film festival, actually not the most friendly visitor event to attend in here, overpriced everything, so let it pass or go before. Cannes offers beautiful coast, countryside, countless attractions for tourists and breathtaking scenery, that will keep you falling in love with the magnificence of Cannes. Its hey days started back in 50's and 60's ,in few words it has always been and still is a course the epitome of extravagance and wealth. Even if your budget is tight, there are great deals for accommodations in low season, many simple places where to eat, the most important thing is that you enjoy Cannes itself...the rest let it!

Many couture shops and huge palaces of La Croisette, Ferraris and Porsches flying by, yachts lining up along the coast, soak it all in, it's not everything, actually so little to enjoy in here, you can even pretend to be a famous one, just to play, you will definitely feel like one with all that media hype around in here.

Once you get tired from Cannes' chaos, head a little bit towards the natural beauty, the bay, the harbor and the tiny little islands will make your day, have a picnic, walk through some of the coast's old quarter, Se Suquet, the weather will keep your mood set into evergreen spring.

Food is exquisite in here, it's a real treat for food lovers, creativity with authenticity, sun-drenched cuisine. You will find anything in here, some of the organic masterpieces and hearty snack accompanied with best wines, French Riviera will please and spoil your senses and leave your taste buds asking for more. You can not miss some of the most delicious meals of your life, once you are in here, taste the Ratatouille, you haven't been in Cannes if you haven't tasted it.

This region is also known as French Riviera, one of the most wonderful of all France, a dream destination for many, offering you the diversity of landscapes and rich history and architecture. This beauty will be accompanied with delicious gastronomy and some of the best wines of the region, you will feel like be thrown into a paradise , it's real though and you are still alive.

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