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Rolling hills of wine country

Sheltered golden sand beaches of New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most spacious countries in the world, with only 4.5 million people scattered across 270.5 sq km, surrounded by natural splendors. It's so green that your eyes will hurt, with forests, mountains, beaches and fairy tale lakes, NZ is wild and a way too laid back, simple and amazing. It has earn the reputation of Big Easy, everything runs in time in here, the roads are in perfect conditions and the people, good hearts.

After a while relaxing in here, not once you will hear Maori word, they watch maori tv, speak Maori language and they totally adore rugby Maori players, All Blacks have become world beaters, and that wouldn't be possible without legendary Maori players. Maori culture leads the daily life in here, there are traditional dance, song and even a war dance. Maori are the indigenous people of NZ, they came to this country 1000 years ago, from their homeland Hawaiki, they are famous also with their tattooed faces.

Everything about New Zealand is simplified and easy, the surf is world class and people are just as good as the beer:) Auckland is the center of everything in this country, being the largest, with the most wild and divers natural goods scattered all around, from lava to volcanoes, from countless islands to sea of suburbs. Here is a tip, if you want to get know this city, head to the streets of Victorian and Edwardian villas in city's inner suburbs.

Auckland is non stop sunny and very alive, with a rhythm of Polynesian culture and a great passion for good food and wine, amazing shopping and unreal natural beauty. It's the largest and also the most diverse city. Countless things to do and to see, find your own adventure, whether it's sipping wine in one of the golden beaches, getting wild in unspoiled forests or discovering 48 volcanic cones, and enjoying some of the best panoramic views of the city.

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