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Nice Carnival 2015

Universal and incredible appeal

France is a charmer in every single season, right now, after all the celebrations are behind, it leaves an incredible peace in every town in here, winter time is almost the best to visit France. Because of the mild climate, that offers you relaxing cottage holiday, avoiding crowds and super expensive accommodations. One of the brightest advantages while visiting France in winter is that most of the regions in the South West remain with warm temperatures.

Well, Paris is over discovered and always busy, head closer to Nice, which is a great option, the French Riviera city remains warm or just milder than rest of the regions. It's popular with its unusual mix of city grit, perfectly managing all, old world, modern city and year round sunshine, that will keep you smiling no matter what. It's perfect for romance seekers, for friends, elders and crazy teenagers, Nice will wrap you in it and keep you warm.

One of the best attractions in Nice, is the old town, it's simply Must, with its traditional architecture and cozy markets all year round, some of the most beautiful views from the Albert I gardens and Cimiez Hill. The legendary Promenade des Anglais will promise you every night an epic sunset, great cafes next to Saleya in Vieux Nice . The most amazing thing about Nice is that you can spend a week in here, partying around, enjoying exquisite food and art scenes that are thriving, and still feel a hunger to get more.

Every year, from the 13th of February until the 1st of March there is Nice Carnival going on, this year, 2015, won't be an exception. Every year, there is a different theme, this year the theme will be King of Music. This is the main winter event on the Riviera , one of the largest and colorful carnivals in the world. With a rich programme of entertainment and unforgettable moments. The Place Massèna will be filled with 18 floats work and gigantic decorations, day and night, the colorful parades will embrace your emotions and entertain you with 1000 musicians and dancers from across the world, come to Nice and enjoy one of the year's brightest carnivals.

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