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Tobacco fields and wild beaches

Kuta, turquoise in the shallows

Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the best travel destination to a paradise ever! Asia itself is a whole different world, somehow weird and laid back yet, diverse and extremely simple, people, live, everything is simple, no fakeness, somehow it just seems better. Indonesia is fulfilled with ancient temples, dreamy beaches and incredible adventures, and finally, luxury and surprisingly affordable hotels. What about it so special? Well, let's start with the fact that it's composed of 17.000 islands, or are there more? Of which only 8000 are inhabited, so if you are looking for to play Robinson Crusoe, this is the right place to be.

There are million things to see and to do in Indonesia, places like Bali are being compared with heaven, the only difference is that you can actually visit this heaven, Bali will take your breath away and paralyze you for few minutes, and once you have to go back to reality, you realize how quickly you can get used to heaven. Stunning coastlines, towering volcanoes and deep green canopy, crystal clear waters and sunsets that will literally take you high! Land that is ever intoxicating and ever intriguing, will bring you to another level, another world, world with a peace in it, you will suddenly feel so small and will see this place so huge...

Indonesia has incredible and rich diversity, it's the world's fourth most populous country, somehow it doesn't surprise me, who wouldn't just love to live in a paradise? It's a land with countless culture and people from all over the world living in it and call it home. Every single thing in here is different, than us, outsiders are used to, plants, animals, people, cultures, foods and features, in few words, it's a magical places that melts about 200 countries in one.

Imagine a place with crescent bay and turquoise waters, fishermen and their kids, farmers and their families, banana trees and tobacco fields, coastal hills and it's all deserted, peace, silence, wrapped into incredible natural beauty. You think it's only in your mind? No, this place is real, I can assure you that, Kuta. It's still not fully discovered, it haven't been boomed yet, but once you get there, you can just feel the tension though, few more years, and you won't be able to enjoy the silence and paradisial looks as now. Kuta attracts visitors with its limitless world-class breaks, don't miss it!

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