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Many faces of Montevideo in Uruguay

Somewhere between two stunning countries Brazil and Argentina, you will find not less amazing Uruguay, which without a reason has been left in the shadow. A country that has no less attractions, its eastern coast is right on the Atlantic Ocean, it has always been as an underdog next to those two impressive neighbors, but finally it's getting what it deserves. Uruguay is tiny but very powerful, rich with history, culture and traditions, being South America's smallest country, it's safe, charming and sophisticated.

The difference between Uruguay and the other kingdoms all around the South America, it offers the real time, not made for tourists time, when you can enjoy the moments that aren't made up, it's a daily life in here, the beautiful and charming reality, promising cow and gaucho traffic jam and capital's breathtaking beachfront. It's simply amazing, you will discover the cosmopolitan Montevideo with wild parties and picturesque colonial , but don't accountant yourself there, dig deeper, be brave, get to the wildlife watching along the stunning coast, hot spring, horseback riding, lay down and watch the big Uruguay’s sky...

River of shellfish is the meaning of Uruguay, here you will find the strongest sense of national identity, people are patriots in everything, they believe,they live, they enjoy, they are Uruguayans. You will experience countless cowboys, the tradition of the gaucho, it has always been an important element in the folk and arts, of course, some of the traditions are taken from the neighbours Argentines, such as passion and love for tango, one of the most famous tangos was written by Uruguayan composer Gerardo Matos Rodriguez, "La Cumparsita" back in 1917. Sounds of guitar and dance, laugh and celebration mostly during carnival times in the country.

The capital Montevideo is home to almost half of Uruguay's population, it's alive, unique and very vibrant. With everything a tourist might look for, beachside suburbs, airport, downtown with countless shops and skyscrapers, with famous beaches such as Punta Carretas and Pocitos. Theatre, arts, museums and tango bars, with a strong international atmosphere, cuisine is another goals that this country holds. A lot of red meat eaters, from beef platters, steaks and sausages, mate is a tea culture that Uruguayans share with Argentines, a national drink sipped from a gourd using a metal straw, it's something that comes along with every Uruguayan, same as Italian with an espresso machine.

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